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なぜ? と考えてしまうと頭がおかしくなる恐れがあります。




■USA(アメリカ)Instagram|Charlotte Kemp Muhl, August 19, 2019


👩▸Charlotte Kemp Muhl

A model singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Dating with Sean Taro Ono Lennon



👨▸Sean Taro Ono Lennon

Sean Taro Ono Lennon is a British American musician, songwriter, producer and guitarist. He is the son of Yoko Ono and John Lennon.



The three amigos Playing Boulder Theatre tonight after robbing a local town and swimming in the watering hole (Edit: this is an anti-war shirt by The Clash, from the 70’s. This represents my anti-war beliefs, love of Rock n roll, and love of history. This flag is a very historic Japanese flag from 1600 that was tragically misused by the Japanese Imperialists in WW2, but has been taken back, and is currently a symbol of good fortune and the navy fleet, used in iconic pop art like Tadanori Yokoo. Hopefully one day the Japanese government will apologize for its war crimes to Korea so they can stop this cycle of animosity. You are all brothers. THIS IS NOT A NAZI FLAG and I am not pro-Nazi.)


Let’s remember that Japanese and Koreans are much more similar than we are different. Let’s not continue the bigoted history of our predecessors. Let’s show that the new generation has evolved to see beyond labels and we don’t blame each other for the actions of past generations. Although I respect your right to be offended, I simply don’t believe I am responsible for how you feel about an image or a concept. I believe deeply in freedom of thought and expression and I hope you all realize that despite a disagreement about a flag. Sincerely and Humbly, Sean Ono Lennon


Similarly, when I see hinomaruken, the Japanese rising Sun, I think of the art of Tadanori Yokoo, and my childhood in Japan. That is to say: everyone must be free to have their own associations with words and symbols, we cannot dictate to others how to feel or think. Just because you might associate the Japanese flag w WWII atrocities does NOT mean I have to or that I do. Contrary to some comments here, the Swastika has not been banned nor should it be. We in America believe that ‘I may despise what you say but I would fight to the death for your right to say it!’ This is a foundational principal of our Republic. The idea of an ‘Asian Nazi’ to me is absurd, and frankly if I were Jewish, I could imagine it would be offensive, since comparing anything to the Nazis seems insensitive. However that does not mean you have no right to use that term. That is your free expression, and I respect it even if I don’t agree with it. Charlotte and I absolutely love Korean culture, your cinema, your music, and most of all your food! (I may even like it better than Japanese food but don’t tell my mom!) please understand we are not your enemy just because we have a different relationship to words and symbols.


To anyone upset about the teeshirt from the album Pearl Harbor by the British band the Clash, featuring the Japanese ‘hinomaruken,’ please hear me out. First of all, the teeshirt is not celebrating the activities of the Japanese during the war, it is celebrating an album by a British punk band, an album that speaks very intelligently about WWII. Let me be clear that as a Japanese man nothing gives me more shame than the history of Japanese atrocities against Korea during WWII. I absolutely detest war, and ultimately feel that all the participants perpetrated unspeakable acts of what was arguably unnecessary—in that it was avoidable—-violence. However there is nothing to be gained in comparing Hitler to Hiroshima—-as nations we tend to empathize most with our own suffering. But let’s be clear, the Hindu symbol known as the Swastika has never been outlawed here in the States. In fact it is still used in India in designs and textiles. Just because that symbol was hijacked by the Nazis does not mean everyone who uses it thinks of it in the same way.


Does everyone realize this teeshirt was made by the rock band the Clash? And that the the record was an anti war commentary? It would be crazy if an anti war album and teeshirt were to be interpreted as pro N*Z* wouldn’t it? Maybe not in this upside down clown world. Good bye reason and logic, hello crazytown...


You mentioned the N word to an African American? Is that a joke? When you call us Americans OR Japanese Nazis (and I am both) we do not like it. So please wake up.


Suddenly I’ve been blocked from commenting. Guess y’all will have to get on w out me...


@kimhs84 I would understand the request more if this flag was actually created for Imperialism, but it wasn’t. Therefore, it’s like banning the British flag or something with centuries of history. It’s a more complicated debate than what bloodthirsty Korean millennials make it out to be. Its a philosophical debate- are we going to censor everything in the world that is offensive, is it okay to censor art or history itself- and who ultimately gets to decide what is censored or not? That is either Imperialism itself, or the mob rule Socrates was afraid of. Also- are ancient symbols to blame for the Korean occupation, or the war criminals themselves? How much power should we give symbols? Can they be re-contextualized?


@kimhs84 Hey- your story is beautiful and bittersweet. I’m aware of the brutality of the Japanese army in the past. That is why we Americans stripped them of all military force. The Imperialists are gone. The Nazis are gone. My family helped to eliminate them, but I don’t hold that history against the new generation of Japanese or Germans. It’s easy to vilify an entire race because of a personal connection to a particular battle or war crime- but it’s also easy to forget that *every* country on the planet has committed unspeakable war crimes. America, France, Korea, Uganda, England, everywhere. We’re all the victim of someone and all the murderer of someone else. In the case of Japan, it has a particular history of bullying Korea, for which it needs to address and apologize. Their government is so proud, but from I can tell of interacting with 4,000 angry Koreans- every country is proud and ugly when it comes down to national dogma. Abe is really a jerk, and not helping with the relationship of your two countries. People assume I’m a Japan apologist, but what they don’t realize is that shirt was an anti-war shirt from the album Pearl Harbor, and I’m the first person to criticize the Japanese government. What I dont like is the double standard, or hypocrisy of people saying we should ban the Rising Sun flag, just because youre still mad it, but not ban every other flag in the world associated with war crimes. This flag was not created for the Imperialist party. It was misused by them briefly. It has a 400 year history that is important to the Japanese and pop art/political art in general. Censoring art is a verrrry slippery slope to Fascism.

On the Japanese net

”The Rising Sun Flag” ,itself, has no political meaning. It is just the symbol of Japanese Army ,currently Japanese Maritime Self‐Defense Force, which has been hoisted since mid of 19th century. Furthermore, Japanese has custom that people hoist the flag when people celebrate some happy events ― big catch in case of fishing for instance-, memorial day ,festival and so forth. In addition, the flag was officially registered for International Maritime Organization(IMO) with no-countries’ claim. However, there is serious mis-understanding on such a background on the flag by foreign people, especially by Korean. Korean claim has non-sense. They started claiming it after Asian Soccer Tournament in 2011. In the match of Japan-Korea in the tournament of 2011, One of Korean players acted racist gesture. He was criticized on the action and he excused that he couldn’t withstand "The Rising Sun Flag" ,he recognized as symbol of "War Crime Country Flag" -there is no such a concept, though- in the stadium. Again, it should be emphasized that Korean has never claimed it before the soccer tournament in 2011.That is suspected that this new claim act against Japan by Korean is aimed at prevailing over other people/country by indignity , going on till they reluctantly surrender, -in most of the case, such contents of which are fake, though- for those targeted people/country , and it seems to be Korean typical act. For your information, additional fact should be focused that the flag was not actually confirmed in the stadium at the above mentioned soccer match, which means that the excuse made by Korean player itself might be fake.

From the manager(tatsu)

Many Japanese civilians were killed by atomic bombs.However, I and Japanese are not angry with America. Angry in war.We live in the future, the 21st century. She and he are right.


Charlotte Kemp Muhl Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国

This is part of the design of Tadanori Yokoo that they are saying.



■Japan(日本)Tadanori Yokoo is a global artist and graphic designer.

Yokoo Tadanori Museum of Contemporary Art別頁



Yokoo Tadanori 横尾忠則 Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People

■USA(アメリカ)Hippie Nation - John Van Hamersveld Poster Artwork.

Left:"Hippie Nation" American book signing tour poster.


hippie-nation Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People

■USA(アメリカ)Taylor Swift Opening live . New York Victoria's Secret fashion show 2013. Photo December 12, 2013

ニューヨーク「ビクトリア 下着ファッションショー2013」でオープニングライブをするテイラー・スウィフトさん。2013年12月12日撮影

Taylor Swift Rising Sun 旭日旗

Silence Korean People

■USA(アメリカ)Singer and dancer Usher.

Photos of dance practice posted on my Instagram. January 20, 2017


Usher Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国

■United Kingdom(イギリス)CHARLI XCX

She posted the band member scene on Twitter at the Netflix program.

On November 16, 2019, Koreans protested that they were wearing Rising sun flag T-shirts.

Charlie, who received the protest, deleted the Twitter post image.


Korean protest - 韓国人の抗議文

Hi Charli, I hate to do this but I hope you could read my dm. That printing on the shirt is the Rising Sun Flag. It was a symbol used when Japan colonized Korea. Japan took all of Korean culture away and taught Japanese culture instead. They also used so many Korean(+Chinese) girls as sexual slaves of Japanese soldiers (called Japanese Military Sexual Slavery (known as 'Comfort Women')), they tortured them, and when they were done with the girls they would just kill them. They actually burnt the girls alive. This flag is very insulting, oppressive and sorrowful for Koreans. I hope you'll understand this and think deeply about this. I'm such a big fan of makes me so sad.

こんにちはCharli、私はこれをするのは嫌いですが、私のDMを読むことができるといいのですが。 シャツに印刷されているのは旭日旗です。 日本が韓国を植民地化したときに使用されたシンボルでした。 日本は韓国の文化をすべて取り去り、代わりに日本の文化を教えました。 彼らはまた、非常に多くの韓国人(+中国人)の少女を日本兵の性的奴隷(日本軍の性的奴隷(「慰安婦」と呼ばれる)と呼ぶ)として使用し、彼らを拷問し、彼らが少女と一緒になったら彼らを殺すだけでした 。 彼らは実際に少女たちを生きたまま燃やした。この旗は、韓国人にとって非常に侮辱的で、抑圧的で、悲痛なものです。 これを理解し、深く考えてください。 私はとても大ファンで、とても悲しくなります。

Koreans are good at lying. Don't be fooled by anti-Japanese propaganda.


CHARLI XCX Netflix Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国

■USA(アメリカ)Katy Perry - Russell Brand

On June 1, 2011, Katie Perry visited the set of the movie “Rock of Ages” where her husband's Russell brand appeared.

[Inconvenient truth about Koreans]

As of June 2011, Koreans were indifferent to the Rising sun flag.

"Anti-Japanese propaganda" Rising sun flag protests will begin in 2012.




Australia BigW Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People

Korea(韓国)Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC)

Korean TV / Radio (Culture Broadcasting) station MBC. RUX, an artist appearing on a popular song show. July 30, 2005 broadcast


KOREA MUSIC 韓国 Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People

■Australia(オーストラリア)Big W. Large shopping center

Koreans rage on the Rising sun flag style design shirt (A $ 6). Request to stop sales. September 1, 2019

2019年9月1日、豪国の大型シュッピングセンター「ビックW」にある旭日旗デザインのシャツ(A$ 6=438円)に韓国人が激怒。販売中止を要請した。

Australia BigW Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国

■Japan(日本)Sheena Ringo LIVE. RINGO EXPO 14

椎名林檎さんのライブ「RINGO EXPO 14」2014年度


Sheena Ringo Rising Sun 旭日旗

Silence Korean People

Korea(韓国)August 16, 2019, the school badge resembling the Rising sun flag becomes a problem.


KOREA school 韓国 校章 Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国

Korea(韓国)Busan. A commemorative monument to the United Nations, completed in 1975.

Issue raised on August 14, 2019. rising sun flag seen from the sky Problem. Explain that the city is 16 nations of the United Nations and is not 16 of the rising sun flag Announced removal in 2020.



KOREA United Nations Rising Sun 旭日旗


Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国

Korea(韓国)G20 SEOUL SUMMIT 2010

November 11-12, 2010



No problem Korean People

■Republic of Turkey(トルコ)Turkish professional soccer“Besiktas”celebrated the success of Shinji Kagawa and was titled“Bosporus Trap”. February 3, 2019


Turkey Besiktas トルコ サッカー 香川真司 Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国

Korea(韓国)GANGNAM STYLE/PSY. Promotional, 2012


Cangnam Style Rising Sun


No problem Korean People

■USA(アメリカ)Join us streaming here, LIVE from Yokota Air Base as Vice President Mike Pence addresses the U.S. Forces Japan community.

Catch the event Thursday, February 8th at 12:30 p.m. JST.

2018年2月8日木曜日の午後12時30分に米空軍横田基地で行われるペンス副大統領の演説の様子を、U.S. Forces Japan (在日米軍司令部) からライブ配信しす。


President Mike ペンス副大統領 Rising Sun 旭日旗

Silence Korean People

Korea(韓国)Busan Metropolitan City East District. Established January 1, 1957-

1957年1月1日、釜山広域市東区設立 LOGO

Busan East 釜山市東区 Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国

■United Kingdom(イギリス)BRASSO. Founded in 1905. World-famous metal brightener and plastic abrasive with a history of over 100 years.


BRASSO Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People

Korea(韓国)Details Unknown. Chicken house. June 2016


KOREA Rising Sun

No problem Korean People

■Japan(日本)NHK Public Broadcasting. Chico Will Scold You!, April 13, 2018-

2018年4月13日〜 NHK(公共放送)チコちゃんに叱られる

チコちゃんに叱られる Rising Sun 旭日旗

Silence Korean People

■Japan(日本)YOMIURI TELECASTING CORPORATION. Coming Out Variety!! Secret Kenmin SHOW. Broadcast from October 11, 2007

読売テレビ『カミングアウトバラエティ!! 秘密のケンミンSHOW』

2007年10月11日より放送 (2019年現在も放送中)

秘密のケンミンSHOW Rising Sun 旭日旗

Silence Korean People

■Japan (日本) MV One Thousand Cherry Trees(SENBONZAKURA)Hatsune Miku DIVA. December 2, 2014

MV 千本桜 White Flame feat 初音ミク 2014年12月2日公開


MV SENBONZAKURA English-subtitles April 11, 2015


SENBONZAKURA 千本桜 Rising Sun 旭日旗

Silence Korean People

■USA(アメリカ)Disney. A scene from the movie "Big Hero 6". Released on November 7, 2014. [Crazy Korean]

映画「ベイマックス」の1シーン 2014年11月7日 公開

Big Hero 6 ベイマックス Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国

Korea(韓国)2017 Busan International Film Festival


2017 Busan International Film Festival 2017年 釜山国際映画祭 Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People

■India(インド)Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam;DMK. Party 1956-


INDIA DMK Rising Sun 旭日旗

Silence Korean People

Korea(韓国)Preview IN(시사 IN - 時事IN)

The cover of the Korean current weekly magazine “Jiji-in (No. 355)” released on July 5, 2014, blasphemed the Korean flag. Two years later, on 2 November 2016, the prosecutor called the editor-in-chief. It doesn't matter when released two years ago.



JijiIN 355 Korea Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国

■China(中国)Mao Tse-tung(毛沢東)

China 中国 Mao Tse-tung 毛沢東 Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People


Kamikaze Pilot Statue Mabalacat Town, Philippines. Peace monument. Completed in 1974.


Google Street Viewhttps://goo.gl/maps/WUhF5BmRJoNycvE28別頁

Philippines フィリピン 神風東飛行場 平和記念碑 KAMIKAZE Rising Sun 旭日旗

Silence Korean People

■Brazil(ブラジル)RIO Olympic Cauldron 2016


RIO Olympic Cauldron Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People

Korea(韓国) Gwangmyeong-si

A part of the Kenchung Tower in the Kenchung neighborhood park in August 1988, located in Tetsusan-dong, Gwangmyeong City. It became a problem in June 2019.


Google Street View https://goo.gl/maps/5aMZaUjGFNLzTF9S9 別頁

Korea gwangmyeong park 顕忠塔 Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国

■Morocco National Emblem(モロッコ国章)August 14, 1957 -

1957年8月14日 国章に制定

Morocco emblem モロッコ 国章 Rising Sun 旭日旗

Silence Korean People

■Republic of Tajikistan(タジキスタン)National Emblem(国章)

Tajikistan Emblem タジキスタン Rising Sun 旭日旗

Silence Korean People

■Mexico(メキシコ)Serbian Ceria Cuauhtemoc Mocktezma's Mexican beer developed at Mexi. Export to over 50 countries. since 1899


SERVEZA SOL Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People

■USA(アメリカ)Timbers Army, Supporters group 2018.

In July 2018, South Koreans protested against the cheering flags of supporters of the football club "Portland Timbers".

2018年7月、サッカークラブであるPortland Timbers(ポートランド・ティンバーズ)のサポーターが掲げた応援旗に韓国人が抗議。

Portland Timbers ポートランド サッカー Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国

■Ukraine(ウクライナ)Donetsk State flag


Ukraine Donetsk Rising Sun 旭日旗

Silence Korean People


This is also a war criminal flag. Nida protest against cactus!!

サボテン:エキノカクタス - これも戦犯旗。サボテンも許さないニダ!!

Echinocactus エキノカクタス Rising Sun 旭日旗

tatsu8 旭日旗

■Japan(日本)Akebono food(Established in 1913), red snow crab canned.

Korean who protested crab burger. W punch in collaboration with Rising sun and crab!! . 2019 ~ On Sale

あけぼの食品(1913年創業)紅ずわい蟹の缶詰。蟹バーガーに怒り抗議した韓国人... 旭日と蟹のコラボでWパンチ!!(2019年〜販売中)

Akebono 紅ずわい蟹の缶詰 Rising Sun 旭日旗


Silence Korean People

■Japan(日本)Happy New Year. Movie Gintama [New Year]. Gintama Ondo. December 31, 2016.

Lyrics:Oguri Shun. Composer:Hashimoto Kana. Choreographer:Suda Masaki

映画「銀魂」・『銀魂音頭 お正月編』2016年12月31日公開

作詞:小栗旬 作曲:橋本環奈 振付:菅田将暉

GINTAMA 銀魂音頭 Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People

■Japan(日本)Umezu-Kazuo. Japanese famous manga author


楳図かずお Umezu-Kazuo Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People

■Japan(日本)U.S. military attack aircraft in Japan. 在日米軍の戦闘機

U.S. forces IWAKUNI Rising Sun 旭日旗

Silence Korean People

■Thailand(タイ) Advertisement of Lotte "XYLITOL GUM" . 2019


Lotte XYLITOL GUM Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国

■USA(アメリカ)Magazine: ROLLING STONE

American magazine "ROLLING STON" published in November 1967 dealing with music, politics and popular cultureKenji Sawada, Julie (right) was published in the March 1, 1969 issue (28). The left is unknown.


ROLLING STON 沢田研二 Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People

■Japan(日本)BABY METAL 2014

2014 5th place in US Billboard “WORLD ALBUMS ARTISTS” category. BABYMETAL is popular worldwide. Billoard2014 別頁

Lady Gaga's 5 US toursAlso support act.

2014年アメリカBillboard”WORLD ALBUMS ARTISTS”部門で第5位。世界的人気のBABYMETAL

BABYMETAL Rising Sun 旭日旗

Silence Korean People

■Japan(日本)RIKI FESTIVAL. July 2019-

From July 2019, Riki Takeuchi, a famous Japanese actor, has held “RIKI FESTIVAL“ nationwide through the “MATSURI“ to energize Japan.

The festival continues after 2020.

2019年7月から、日本の俳優、竹内力さんが⽇本を元気にしようと「力祭(りきまつり) -RIKI FESTIVAL 」を全国で開催。2020年も引き続き行われます。

RIKI-FESTIVAL 竹内力 Rising Sun 旭日旗

Silence Korean People

■China(中国)F1 motor race Chinese Grand Prix. April 15, 2018.

UK live SKY SPORT uses Sebastian Vettel for advertising.

2018年4月15日、F1モーターレース中国グランプリ。生中継する英国のSKY SPORTが、セバスチャン・ベッテル選手を広告に起用。

China F1GP Sebastian Vettel Rising Sun 旭日旗

Silence Korean People


Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel prepared a “Ninja helmet” with an illustration of “Ninja” at the F1 Japan GP. He won the second podium in the final race held at Suzuka Circuit on October 13, 2019.


F1 日本グランプリ セバスチャン・ベッテル 忍者 ヘルメット Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国


Dowa Pharmaceutical Industry “Kaimeisui” is the longest-selling Korean brand released in 1940. By 2017, 8.5 billion products were sold both inside and outside of Korea. Also reach. (2015 Korean Gallup Survey).

The first registered trademark of Korea is Dowa Pharmaceutical's “Folding Fan Mark”.

同和薬品工業の「活命水」は、1940年に発売した韓国最長寿ブランドで、2017年までに韓国国内外で85億本を販売し、韓国人の製品ロゴマークの認知度は99.3%にも達する。(2015年 韓国ギャラップ調査)




DONGWHA PHARM 同和薬品 Rising Sun 旭日旗


No problem Korean People

■Russia Vladivostok(ロシア・ウラジオストク)

October 14, 2017. The escort ship “Harusame” and the training ship “Kashima” entered the port of Vladivostok, Russia, and a welcome ceremony was held.


Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation(ロシア連邦国防省別頁

Russia Vladivostok Rising Sun 旭日旗

Silence Korean People

■Germany(ドイツ)Rashguard, RoleBonito

This fully sublimated rash guard became soon a very popular piece among Role Bonito’s range of products, since was launched in 2017.The design evokes the history of Jiu-Jitsu, combining the imperial Japanese flag with the Brazilian blue, green and yellow national colors and white stars, merging the imagery of both countries.



Germany Rashguard Rising Sun 旭日旗

Silence Korean People

■USA(アメリカ)HOT TUNA - Live in Japan. No.EAMCD290

Release year: 1997 (original). 2004 (re-release)


Wikipedia - Live in Japan (Hot Tuna album) 別頁

Hto Tuna Live in Japan Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People

Korea(韓国)Artist : Girl's Day(걸스데이) Title : Expectation(기대해)

The song "Expectation" of Korean idol group "Girl's Day" released on March 14, 2013. Music video. There are 16 lines




KOREA Girls Day Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People


On October 6, 2014, Korean flag protests with the "Rising sun" on the cover of the FIFA official magazine.


FIFA OFFICIAL Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国


July 4, 1995, Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Celebrating Independence Day 4 July 1946.



Philippine 独立記念日 Rising Sun 旭日旗

Silence Korean People

■Itali(イタリア)Prada. Fashion Brand.2018

On August 10, 2018, Prada posted a perfume advertisement on the official Instagram.The protested Prada headquarters did not deal with Koreans' complaints. Prada's non-buying movement took place in Korea.



Prada Instagram KOREA Perfume Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国

■Itali(イタリア)Miuccia Prada. Fashion Brand. 2014

PRADA創始者の孫、Miuccia Prada(ミウッチャ・プラダ)の2014年秋/冬コレクション・ロンドンファッションウィークのセクウィンミニドレス

POINT プラダへの抗議活動を行った記念すべき2014年

Prada Instagram KOREA Perfume Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国


■Itali(イタリア)Prada. Fashion Brand. 2008

Prada presented its spring/summer 2008 collection at the Milan Fashion Week.

POINT The Korean did not protest because he did not know the Rising Sun Flag. Koreans started protesting Prada in 2014. He also protested past works from 2007.


POINT 韓国人は旭日旗を知らなかったため抗議していません。韓国人は2014年になりプラダに抗議し始めました。また、2007年の過去の作品にも抗議しました。

korea Children Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People

■United Kingdom(イギリス)Winchester-Great Hall

United Kingdom: Great Hall was built in the 13th century, where Winchester Castle was located, and "King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table" were adorned. Round table with names of king and 24 knights


Google Street View https://goo.gl/maps/oSSY8dqKnG8UmH4z7別頁

Great Hall King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table アーサー王と円卓の騎士 Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People

■Japan(日本)Eric Clapton

Koreans rage on Tokyo performance commemorative poster (Left: Limited to 250 people in 2016). Massive harassment on Clapton's Facebook.


Eric Clapton Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国


Korean who doesn't care about the Rising Sun Flag in 1987


Image 1: LOUDNESS - This Lonely Heart 1987 Promotion Video [HD]


Image 3: Release date: July 11, 2018 発売日:2018年7月11日

Loudness This Lonely Heart Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People

Korea(韓国)Girls' Generation Tiffany

On August 14, 2016, a member of the Korean female idol group “Girls' Generation”, a Korean-American “Tiffany”, posted a Snapchat and Instagram stamp with “TOKYO JAPAN” after a live performance in Tokyo.

2016年8月14日、韓国の女性アイドルグループ「少女時代」のメンバー、韓国系アメリカ人”ティファニー”が、東京でのライブ後、SnapchatとInstagramに「TOKYO JAPAN」のスタンプをつけて投稿

Korea Girls'Generation Tiffany 少女時代 ティファニー Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国


July 17, 2011, Korea Constitution Day, a dice game that moves from Seoul to Gyeongju via High speed train ktx on the popular variety show SBS broadcast program "Sunday's is good - Running Man".

2011年7月17日、韓国の制憲節(憲法記念日-チョイチョル)に、韓国SBS放送の人気バラエティー番組「日曜日が良い - ランニングマン」で、高速鉄道KTXでソウルから慶州に移動するサイコロゲーム。

KOREA Running Man Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People


September 9-10, 2019. Polish company Hortex, a producer of frozen foods and fruit juice, has been discontinued due to mass protests by Koreans that Rising Sun is the same as Nazis.


homehttp://www.hortex.pl/product/madagascar-1l/ 別頁

JAPANは ⇒ 404 Not Found

Poland Hortex ポーランド Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国


A well-known group company in Korea with five business divisions, a pelagic fishery division that handles tuna, a food division for processed fishery products, a pig farm that provides pigs, a leisure division that operates a golf course, and a refrigerated storage service division.

Korea Nori(HAEPYO) It is exported all over the world.


:韓国海苔[商品名:ペピョ HAEPYO]は世界中へ輸出されています。

home http://ind.sajo.co.kr/

KOREA SAJO サチョ 韓国海苔 ペピョ Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People


Candles loved by Koreans who don't like the Rising Sun Flag. Korean manufacturing company logo mark.

Photo:From anti-Japanese candle demonstration in 2019. JAPAN

旭日旗が大嫌いな韓国人が大好きな蝋燭 - 韓国製造会社のロゴマーク


Korea 100周年記念 切手 Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People


To host the Tokyo Olympics 2020, on October 1, 2019, Koreans launched a global campaign to “ban the Rising Sun flag” on the Internet. A poster is also displayed in the corridor of the Seoul National Assembly. Happy parliamentarian.



KOREA NAZI Olympic Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国

America wars Japan. Korea not war Japan



■Japan & USA(日本とアメリカ)

From June 15 to 24, 2019, a joint training between Japan and the United States was conducted in the waters around Iwo Jima. Approximately 500 people from Japan and the United States participated.


JAPAN USA Rising Sun 旭日旗

Silence Korean People

■Japan & USA & Australia(日本,アメリカ,オーストラリア)

From November 17, 2018, a total of 22 submarines from three countries, the US Navy, the Australian Navy (RAN), and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF), took mine countermeasures (detection) off the southern coast of Japan. , Removal, underwater blasting, etc.) joint exercise “3JA 2018” was conducted.

2018年11月17日から、アメリカ海軍(US Navy)、オーストラリア海軍(RAN)、日本の海上自衛隊(JMSDF)の3カ国、計22隻が参加した潜水チームは、日本南部沖で機雷対策(探知、除去、水中爆破処理など)の合同演習「3JA 2018」を行った。

JAPAN USA Australia Rising Sun 旭日旗

Silence Korean People


Korean Children. Are you angry when you draw a picture of the sun in Korea?


korea Children Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People

■USA(アメリカ)New York

NY-In honor of the anniversary of Chairman Mao Zedong's death, The New York Times unfurled a giant, 50-foot-wide banner honoring the "brave revolutionary" outside its New York offices September 9, 2019.


New York Times Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People


A borrowed form called “Republic of Korea”, which was issued in 1919 by an organization named after the temporary government of the Republic of Korea.Removed from textbooks in 2013.



republie korea 大韓民国独立公債 Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People

■USA(アメリカ)Nils Lofgren - Secrets In The Street. Record jacket.


ニルス・ロフグレン - シークレット・イン・ザ・ストリート 1985年発売

Nils Lofgren Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People

■USA(アメリカ)Brooklyn area, New York City, USA.

It is said that an Irish painter painted it around October 2012.


New York Brooklyn Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国

■United Kingdom(イギリス)The Rolling Stones

It is very famous that people all over the world are considered "Rolling Stones" just by looking at their tongue design. This is part of the sticker.


New York Brooklyn Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People


Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the British Church. Issue stamp.

Issuer: Korea Post Officee. Date: September 29, 1990. Control number: DH20002012


発行機関:韓国郵政局 発行日:1990年9月29日 管理番号:DH20002012

Korea 100周年記念 切手 Rising Sun 旭日旗


No problem Korean People

■Japan(日本)Japanese manga

As of September 29, 2019, more than 12 million Japanese comics "Kimetsunoyaiba". Koreans are very angry that the protagonist's “Kamado Tanjiro” earrings are Japanese Rising Sun Flags.

Earrings were redrawn in the Korean version broadcast from April 2019.

(Top: Original, Bottom: Korean version)

2019年9月29日時点で1200万部を突破している日本のマンガ「鬼滅の刃(きめつのやいば」。 主人公「竈門 炭治郎(かまどたんじろう」のイヤリングが旭日旗だと韓国人らが大激怒。


(上:オリジナル 下:韓国版)

Kimetsunoyaiba Kamado-Tanjiro 竈門炭治郎 Rising Sun 旭日旗

Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国

Korea(韓国)Byun Jung-soo

South Korean Byeong Joonsu (변정수), who was scouted as a college student and debuted as a model, is now an actress. Around 2005, she appeared in the SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) program.



Byun Jung-soo 변정수 Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People

■Japan(日本)Japanese manga

One Piece - Season 13 Episode 16

"Huge Panic! Struggle in the Auction Hall"

ワンピース「大パニック! オークション会場の死闘」より

ONEPICE ワンピース Rising Sun 旭日旗



Nazi Flag Korean People 旭日旗 韓国


Poster for Hillary Clinton's 2008 Presidential Campaign.


Hillary Clinton's 2008 Presidential ヒラリークリントン 大統領選挙 Rising Sun 旭日旗

No problem Korean People


why-korean-people 韓国



Japan Rising Sun Flag 旭日旗 韓国 Korea  国連UN


You can see inconsistent Koreans protests.


韓国人は、Reputation(風評・評判)を気にする企業や団体、気が弱そうな個人に対して NAZI - HarkenKreuz を持ち出して抗議する方法 Anti-Japanese propaganda(反日プロパガンダ)をInvented after 2012(2012年以降に発明)しました。



There is no need to apologize to Koreans.

Do not believe because they always lie.


2019年11月25日 記録

■ 検証|ハーケンクロイツはナチスドイツの国旗・旭日旗は日本軍旗


■ 不都合な真実|韓国で放送した旭日旗デザインのテレビコマーシャル


■ 調査|韓国人はいつから旭日旗に抗議し始めたのか


■ 旭日旗デザインは年賀状にも数多く使われている


■ 戦犯旗だと言いがかりをつける旭日旗の画像一覧

韓国 旭日旗 戦犯旗

韓国 旭日旗 戦犯旗

韓国 旭日旗 戦犯旗

韓国 旭日旗 戦犯旗

韓国 旭日旗 戦犯旗

韓国 旭日旗 戦犯旗

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Japan's basic position 日本の基本的な立場

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